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 Karaoke Songs & Karaoke Music

Download English CDG songs solution:
Since most of customer prefer free download karaoke songs from internet, we make a solution for customer to get thousand of songs as cheap as free. The songs will be recorded on the DVD discs. After you get the package, you just need to copy these songs from discs to computer. If you customer prefer downloading the songs from internet, it will be very slow. For this songs package, you need spend 15 whole days on downloading the songs. So, Send the songs via air express is more convenient. The shippig fee will has been included in the price. Do you think you could download so many songs free on any website? We don't think so. Now, with our download solution, you just need to spend less money to get thousand of songs.

English Karaoke Songs - 21,657 songs

  • English CDG (14,246 songs)
  • English VCD( 6,291songs)
  • English DVD (2,645 songs)
  • Chinese Karaoke Songs Mandarin Karaoke Songs - 46,152 songs

  • Chinese (mandarin) VCD(23,900 songs)
  • Chinese (mandarin) DVD (22,252 songs)
  • Cantonese Karaoke Songs - 11,755 songs

  • Cantonese VCD (6,136 songs)
  • Cantonese DVD (7,089 songs)
  • Taiwanese Karaoke Songs Hokkien Karaoke Songs Songs - 8,231 songs

  • Taiwanese (Hokkien) VCD (5,122 songs)
  • Taiwanese (Hokkien) DVD (5,121 songs)
  • Japanese Karaoke Songs - 16,004 songs

  • Japanese VCD (6,440 songs)
  • Japanese DVD (9,564 songs)
  • Korean Karaoke Songs - 16,876 songs

  • Korean CDG (5,346 songs)
  • Korean DVD (11,530 songs)
  • Thai Karaoke Songs - 2,383 songs

  • Thai VCD (2,383 songs)
  • Vietnamese Karaoke Songs - 21,234 VCD and DVD karaoke songs

  • Vietnamese VCD (11,303 songs)
  • Vietnamese DVD (8,022 songs)
  • Filipino Karaoke Songs Philippine Karaoke Songs - 2,170 songs

  • Filipino VCD (2,170 songs)

    Spanish Karaoke Songs - 4,500 songs

  • Spanish CDG (4,500 songs)
  •  Karaoke Player & DIY Karaoke Player

    All-in-one karaoke player

    This player is installed with a hard drive inside with storing thousands of songs. It also support VCD and DVD Disc. You could add songs to hard disk via USB port or Discs and edit your own songlist. It also have mixer and amplifier function which support you connect your microphone and speakers to the player directly.
    karaoke jukeboxAll-in-one karaoke jukebox

    Download User Guide of All-in-One Karaoke Jukebox[PDF format]

    Computer Karaoke Player

    This player is based on a computer and installed with our karaoke software and essential tools. So this is more advanced than multi-function player.
    Download User Guide of Computer Karaoke Player[PDF format]
    computer karaoke player
    Computer Karaoke Player

    DIY Karaoke Player & Karaoke Decode Board Package

    This is for karaoke DIY fans who would like to make his own karaoke machine with his songs. In this package, we offer detailed instructions on connections and all functions of every chips. With the detailed manual, you could build one karaoke machine by yourself.
    Download User Guide of Decode Board [PDF format]
    karaoke decode board
    Karaoke Decode Board

     Service Call System

    Restaurant Paging System

  • Receive the signal and transmit to the Restaurant Pager
  • Each can carry up to 200 Restaurant Paging Buttons
  • Each can carry up to 200 Restaurant Pagers
  • Each can carry up to 10 wireless Restaurant Paging Server Controllers
  • Use computer to associate the Restaurant Paging Button with the Restaurant Pager
  • Download User Guide of Restaurant Paging System[PDF format]

    Restaurant paging system
    Restaurant Paing System

    Wireless Call System

  • Wireless technology
  • Adjustable display time
  • Adjustable alarm volume
  • Multiple servers work without affect each other
  • Display 4 buttons' number at the same time
  • Support up to 99 buttons per server
  • Download User Guide of Wireless Call System [PDF format]
    Wireless Call System
    Wireless Call System

    Economy Wireless Call System

  • Wireless technology
  • Immediate display calling number
  • Store up to 15 calling numbers in the memory
  • Support both alphabet and number displaying
  • Hold up 250 waiter call buttons
  • Small and easy to operate
  • Cycle display with tone prompt
  • External antenna for stable signal transmitting
  • Download User Guide of Economy Wireless Call System [PDF format]
    Economy Wireless Call System
    Economy Wireless Call System
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