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New Vietnamese DVD karaoke songs released!
We release 5000 NEW vietnamese karaoke songs. We also make much improvement on our origional vietnamese dvd songs collection. Now,the vietnamese DVD karaoke songs collection is the most perfect, updated, most completed one in the world!

Vietnamese Karaoke Songs,Vietnamese Songs

Vietnamese DVD Karaoke Songs - 13,000 songs.For Vietnamese karaoke songs, we have different solution for satisfying customer using them in different way.

Vietnamese DVD Karaoke Songs - 13,000 songs

  • Introduction of Vietnamese DVD Karaoke Songs
  • Our advantages Comparing with the other company's Vietnamese karaoke songs

    Important notice before you place your order:
    There are many seller selling karaoke machine with 9,500 Vietnamese DVD karaoke songs. The 9500 vietnamese dvd karaoke songs collection are released by our company which we clearly know the problem on that collection. It has problems bellow.
    1,There are about 1,000 Duplicated karaoke songs, same video, same artist, same music, same file size
    2, There are hundreds of bad songs which could not play
    3, each songs volume are not at same level, some song's voice is too small, some songs voice is too loud, you always need hold the remote controller to adjust songs volume, it's boring
    4, they are our old songs collection which is not updated and completed
    5, each songs's vocal channel are music channel are not fixed, you always need hold remote controller to switch song's channel for music singing for every song, it will not always keep music channel when you set vocal off.
    6, the songs collection are old songs collection released in 2008, which has been out of date.
    Now, we released our updated and best vietnamese dvd karaoke songs. we also make improvement on our songs collections. They have advantages bellow.
    1, No duplicated songs
    2, No bad songs
    3,all songs volume are at same level
    4. pure dvd with high video and audio quality
    5, updated to 2013, July
    6,each song could set vocal on or off, you could turn vocal on for listening orgional artist singing or turn vocal off for singing with music only. The most important thing is each song's vocal and music channel are fixed, you don't need to switch channel for every song.
    7, we support online download service for auto updating your songs collection and keep your player always updated. When we got new karaoke songs, we will send notification to you for online download updated.
    Click here to view the songlist of Vietnamese DVD karaoke songs
    Download Vietnamese karaoke song - DVD sample
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  • Screen Shot of Vietnamese DVD Songs
    Screen Shot of Vietnamese DVD Songs
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