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Largest Songs Collection In the World - 130,000 Songs

We have the largest karaoke songs collection in the world, 130,000 CDG, VCD, DVD songs, 11 languages of Karaoke songs collection for your choice. We prepare different solution for satisfying customer using them in different way.

  • Hard drive karaoke songs collection
  • For customers who has karaoke machine supporting reading karaoke songs stored in hard drive or customer playing songs in computer karaoke software. We offer detailed songs list with detailed songs information for using them in karaoke system like index number, song name, singer name, singer type, music channel, category, language,etc. You could purchase the songs collection at worthy price! If customer who don't have karaoke system or karaoke machine for using our hard drive karaoke songs collection, you could purchase our all-in-one karaoke player with it at discount price.

  • Standard Vietnamese DVD karaoke disc
  • For customer who want to play DVD karaoke disc in regular disc player.

  • Purchase all-in-one Karaoke player, get all our songs collections free.
  • For customer who need a advanced karaoke player with thousands of songs. Purchase all-in-one karaoke player, get all our songs colelction at discount price! Learn more

     English karaoke songs

    Karaoke DVD, Karaoke hard drive songs colection

    We have more than 130,000 CDG, VCD and DVD karaoke songs, 11 languages of karaoke songs collection for your choice.You could not only select karaoke disc package to play them in regular karaoke player but also could select hard disk package to run them in the computer karaoke software.
  • English Karaoke Songs

    English CDG (12,631 songs); English VCD( 6,291songs) English DVD (2,645 songs)
  • Chinese Karaoke Songs Mandarin Karaoke Songs

    Chinese (mandarin) VCD(23,900 songs);  Chinese (mandarin) DVD (22,252 songs)
  • Cantonese Karaoke Songs

    Cantonese VCD (4,666 songs);  Cantonese DVD (7,089 songs)
  • Taiwanese Karaoke Songs Hokkien Karaoke Songs Songs

    Taiwanese (Hokkien) VCD (3,110 songs);  Taiwanese (Hokkien) DVD (5,121 songs)
  • Japanese Karaoke Songs

    Japanese VCD (6,440 songs) ;  Japanese DVD (9,564 songs)
  • Korean Karaoke Songs

    Korean CDG (5,346 songs);  Korean DVD (11,530 songs)
  • Thai Karaoke Songs

    Thai VCD (2,383 songs)
  • Vietnamese Karaoke Songs

    Vietnamese VCD (11,303 songs);Vietnamese DVD (9,931 songs)
  • Pilipino Karaoke Songs Philippine Karaoke Songs

    Pilipino VCD (2,170 songs)
  • Spanish Karaoke Songs

    Spanish CDG (4,500 songs)

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