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All-in-one Karaoke Player

-without hard drive installed inside, no songs coming with the machine
All-in-one Karaoke Player
Sale Price $389USD $298USD
Model No. KAMD01H
Shipment Air Express
Shipping Fee Free
3 Years
Payment Paypal,TT,Credit Card,Western Union
QTY Discount Price
1st 0% $298USD
2nd -9th 15% $253.3USD
There is no discount for the first unit, the discount starts from 2nd Unit. To purchase over one unit, you could directly add it to cart and then modify its quantity in your cart. Then the payment system will automatically list the discount on your order..

Difference between All-in-one Karaoke Player and Standard Hard Disk Karaoke Jukebox

The All-in-one Karaoke player and standard hard disk karaoke jukebox are assembled by same decode board. Comparing with standard hard disk karaoke jukebox, the All-in-one Karaoke player has the mixing board (two microphone port and three volume adjustment buttons) and the DVD driver for reading discs. For adding songs, reading songs and selecting songs function are totally same. So, the All-in-one Karaoke player is fit for customer who doesnĄ¯t have mixer or mixing amplifier and don't have DVD player for reading disc. If you customer just have TV and didn't build any entertainment audio system, then the All-in-one Karaoke player will be your best choice. You could plug microphone to the player and connect it to TV to start singing directly. However, if customer who already build a completed audio system and have purchased a DVD player for reading discs, then the standard hard disk karaoke jukebox is very fit for you.

Product Description

all in one karaoke player

all in one karaoke player
all in one karaoke player
  • Dual Microphone input
  • Built-in Mic ECHO & Key-Control
  • Play songs from hard drive Inside.
  • Support 3.5" IED ATA & SATA. Support upto 2TB (2000G) HDD.
  • Coin function for business
  • Show score of singing
  • Add or play songs from karaoke disc,USB device and computer.
  • Karaoke Disc Player, support CDG,VCD,DVD,SVCD,DVCD,VCD,MP3,CD, HDCD,JPG,ALBUM & Mr.OKO
  • Support both TV & Computer Monitor
  • Manage songlist and print songbook with ease
  • Select songs by index, singer, language, category, chars...
  • HDMI port : 480p,720p,1080i video resolution ratio.

  • The new generation of karaoke players has arrived with the "NEW FULL-FUNCTION KARAOKE ON DEMAND (KOD) JUKEBOX KARAOKE SYSTEM" with features that will satisfy the demands of the advanced karaoke professional as well as the most discriminating home enthusiast. You can connect it to TV with a pair of microphones to start singing directly. For home user, it's very beautiful and modern, it has all the function of computer karaoke but it's easier and more simple to be operated by your familys and friends. You don't need to teach them how to use it and don't need to read the user guide. It's very easy to use. You don't need to worry about virus and any technical maintaince as using copmuter karaoke system.

    This is a Multi-Format CDG,DVD, VCD, CD, MPEG, MP3, JPEG PHOTO player and a hard drive karaoke jukebox. If you have lots of karaoke discs and have a spare hard drive, you could load all your karaoke discs to the hard drive and install it into the karaoke player. With the song management software we offered, you could easily build your own songslist for these songs and print out the songbook. You could select songs by index number, song name, singer, language, search letter, etc. You can use it as a regular karaoke disc player or as a karaoke music jukebox that plays the files stored on the hard drive inside or as a super player that plays the files stored on the portable usb hard drive, usb flash disc. You can even use it as a 5.1 Surround Sound DVD player for your home theater system.

    The great thing about the hard drive on this unit is how easy it is to load. You could directly record songs from disc to hard drive with capturing function or use usb cable to connect the karaoke player to pc to transfer songs from pc to the hard drive inside easily, and how simple it is for you to customize the song list to fit your own specific requirements and print out the songbook with easy.. That's right, you don't have to be stuck with thousands of songs that you don't need and will never use. You can directly load just what you want. You create your own categories and assign song numbers for easy access by using a remote keypad - and you don't have to be a computer whiz to do all this because it's as easy as 1,2,3.

    Main Features of All-in-one Karaoke Player

  • Playback format: compatible with various discs such as CDG,DVD,SVCD,DVCD,VCD,MP3,CD, HDCD,JPG,ALBUM,Mr.OKO etc
  • Supported file format: *.mp3+g, *.dat, *.vob, *.mpg, *.avi, *.mp3, *.wma, *.jpg, etc.
  • Fully Function Karaoke Player, Karaoke Jukebox
  • Dual mode: Play from Hard Drive or play from DVD player;
    • In Player Mode - Works as a regular with DVD, VCD Player
    • In Hard Drive Mode - Works as a juke box using pre-recorded songs in hard drive using pre-assigned song number.
  • Recorded files are stored in its original format with no-loss
  • On-Fly-Recording,Multiple methods for adding songs to karaoke player:
    • You could connect karaoke player to your computer by USB2.0 line to add new songs into the hard drive of the karaoke player directly. Don't need to open the panel of karaoke player and pull out the hard drive inside.
    • You could manage the songlist and prepare all new songs in computer first, then add these songs to karaoke player and update the songlist via USB flash disk.
    • You could add songs via external Hard disk.You can plug it into the master USB port of machine and use the remote control to add songs.
    • You could add songs from karaoke discs via DVD ROM, record DVD, VCD, CD to hard drive without a PC
  • Store up to 100,000 songs
  • Reserve up to 80 songs
  • Support for switch the Multi-audio-track of VOB file.Keep Vocal/Muisc status.(Audio A1,A0,C1,C0,81,80)
  • Multiple OSD Languages (English,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese ,Spanish,Japanese,Karean,Thai,Vietnamese,Russian,Khmer,Myanmar)
  • Operation directly and rapidly, On-screen song selection by:
    • Index number ( Unique five-digital Code)
    • Singer (Male, Female, Group)
    • Language (English, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Filipino, ETC, you could customize the language menu by yourself.)
    • Support Unicode Fonts. Language Menu:English, Chinese, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Latin, Spanish, Hindi,etc. The language menu could be customized by yourself.
    • Support MTV song files encryption,avoid piracy.
    • Category (MTV, Concert, Disco, Movie, Sport, Special, etc. The category could be customized by yourself)
    • Fast search letter (Spelling of songs name like "My Girl", you could set its fast search letter as "MG"( the first alphabet of each word) or set it as "MYGIRL" ( the complete spelling of the song name)
    • Character (1 char,2 chars,...,9 chars)
  • Random Play, Repeat, Insert, Auto Play
  • Dual Microphone input
  • Built-in Key-Control (Key up, Key down, Reset)
  • Digital Echo Control
  • With the powerful songlist management software included,you could make songslist and print songbook with ease.
  • Professional look Slim design
  • Easy hard drive upgrade or transfer songs from PC
  • HDMI port : 480p,720p,1080i video resolution ratio.
  • CVBS Video port & VGA port: 720*480,720*576 resolution ratio.
  • MTV video files:max 720*480,720*576 resolution ratio

  • The Karaoke Player could show SCORE at exit of a MTV song end ,with 4 level applause music, that is good sportful effect.
  • With Master COIN or slave COIN function, it could be used for business.
  • There is a extra IR port, you could connect a extra sensor for remote keyboard instead of remote control.
  • Even without installing any hard drive inside, you could also use the karaoke player to play songs, photos or movies in USB disk or SD memory card direclty.
  • Reserved Analogue power amplifier, X1/4, X1/2, X2, X4 flexible zoom.
  • You could use remote control to directly browse play the movies,music,picture files in the hard drive, SD card, USB flash disk, USB partable HDD,etc.
  • Except using the karaoke player with TV, you could also use it with computer monitor or projector (connect monitor to the VGA port of the karaoke player.)
  • all in one karaoke player
    All-in-One Karaoke Player

    computer karaoke player
    Back of All-in-One Karaoke Player

    Remote Control

    Operating Interface:


    1) Sum of selected songs.
    2) Index number of next selected song.
    3) Index number of next some selected songs list.
    4) Sum of coin.
    5) Song name of next selected song
    6) Song number input.
    7) Show the song name when input number
    8) Song lyric show
    9) Main menu
    Download user guide of all-in-one karaoke player [PDF format]

    Specification of All-in-one Karaoke Player

  • Compatible Discs Format: CDG,DVD, VCD, S-VCD, CD Audio, MP3, MP5, MPEG I, MPEG II, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-RW
  • Hard drive size: Can be built-in ATA/SATA interface hard disk, supports the maximum capacity of 2TB,FAT32 format.
  • Audio Outputs: L/R, Coaxial, Optical
  • Video Outputs: Component Video, Composite Video, S-Video, VGA ,HDMI 1080i.
  • Signal-to-noise: more than 85db
  • Power supply: AC 100V~220V (50/60Hz)
  • Dimension: 16.9"(L)*2.7"(H)*1.8"(W) or 43cm(L)*7cm(H)*27.5cm(W)
  • Weight: 7.7 lbs (3.5 kg)

  • Support&Warranty of All-in-one Karaoke Player

    The All-in-one karaoke player is the most perfect karaoke player we manufactured. We've fully test out the machine and make sure the machine will be sent out without any problem. So, we offer a super good service and hardware warranty on the All-in-one Karaoke Player. Since we well know and understand most foreign customer are worried about the maintaince and support after payment. The after-sale service is much more important than the advantages on the price and product quality. So, we offer a GOLDEN warranty on the karaoke player. We offer three years FREE replacement hardware warranty on the all-in-one karaoke player. If the player got hardware problem within the warranty, we will send you free replacement and afford the shipping fee.If the player got hardware problem after three-year free warranty, we could also send you the replacement of the defect part. but customer need to afford the shiping fee for sending the replacement and the shipping fee for sending the defect part back.
    (Notice: above warranty is not available for the remote controller)
    Package Details of All-in-One Karaoke Player

    Packing List of All-in-one Karaoke Player

  • All-In-One Karaoke Jukebox (no hard drive installed inside)*1
  • USB2.0 cable *1
  • AV cable *1
  • Remote control *1
  • User Manual *1
  • HDD Fixed setscrew *4
  • Golden Hardware Warranty
  • DVD Disc:
    • System Files and Relative Tools *1
    • System files
    • DVD Ripping Tool
    • CDG ripping and converting tool
    • Hard drive formating tool
    • Computer Karaoke Software
    • Tool for making Songlist
  • packing list

    Shipment of All-in-one Karaoke Player

    We offer free shipment on order amount over 80USD. Our customer service will send tracking number to you by email, so you can track your order online. The products will be sent via Air express and could be received within 4 or 5 business days for most countries. Very few packages may be delayed by customs verification processes that are different in each country.Insurance will be included in the shipping. Please provide correct shipping address and telephone number when you place the order. Import duty is free in most countries for most cases. Because we will declare the package around 60USD and declare the package as DVD player. However,if import duty is required, it should be paid by customers.
    Notice: above provisions are only for shipment to below countries.
    If your country is not listed below, please submit message to us on the bottom of this webpage and let us know where you are from. Then we will let you know how much shipping fee you need to add.
  • United States, Canada
  • Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand
  • United Kingdom, Germany,Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Greece, Italy,
  • Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau
  • North Korea, South Korea, Japan
  • Singapore, Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam
  • Pakistan, Laos, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Turkey, India
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    Consignment of All-in-one Karaoke Player

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  • consignment

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  • Add $9.95USD
  • There isn't any hard drive installed onto the machine. You need to prepare hard drive and install it onto the machine by yourself, then refer user manual to load your own karaoke songs into the machine. If you already have karaoke songs and just need machine with hard drive installed, then please choose options bellow. If you prefer all in one karaoke player installed with hard drive and preload with karaoke songs inside, then please click here to get our promotion packages of all-in-one karaoke player.

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