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Karaoke Decode Board, DIY Karaoke Player

The karaoke decode board has a lot of advantages , more
practical, especially on now, MPEG-4 film file compresses
form popularly, the hard disk of 160G can be put in 400's
MPEG-4 film . The karaoke decode board can connect
one DVD-ROM and two biggest 2000G hard disk at the same
time , support DIVX,,Xvid compresses code, AC 5.1 channel
output,VGA output, uses menu to select the film. Can
download / delete / renamed the file through USB2.0
line from computer .
Download the user guide of karaoke decode board[PDF Format]
Karaoke Decode Board
Karaoke Decode Board

 Introduction of karaoke decode board

The Karaoke function (need to install the software separately)

  • Ordering songs by directory.
  • Ordering songs by numbers.
  • Fully original sound and disc,
  • Each 160G hard drive holding 8,000 MPEG4 MTV songs
  • Hard disk/ DVD/MPEG-4 player function :

  • 48-bit addressing , mass storage hard disc up to 2000G
  • MPEG-1/MPEG-2/MPEG-4/DIVX/XVID/ video formats supported
  • Auto play in a circle establishing .
  • Suitable for VOD devices and advertising players.
  • Expanded function:

  • USB interface supported, easy to download audio and video files from PC
  • the interface is put in the simulation and digital port.
  • About MPEG4 player's decode board user manual
  • DVD player function:

  • Four decode, compatible with various discs such as DVD/SVCD/DVCD/VCD/MP3/CD/ HDCD/JPG/ALBUM/Mr.OKO etc
  • Video output:

  • (1) CVBS interlace scan
    (2) Component R,G,B interlace scan or progressive scan
    (3) S-Video. interlace scan
    (4) VGA. progressive scan
  • Audio output:
  • Dolby AC-3 5.1 Channel, 8 output
  • MP3 ,PCM
  • TAPI/IDE DVD-ROM4M x 16bit .
  • DVD CSS (Content Scrambling System) decoding
  • Support DVD navigate (Navigation)
  • Reserved Analogue power amplifier, X1/4, X1/2, X2, X4 flexible zoom
  • The package includes the following items :

    Remote Control

    Mainboard Panel

    Power Panel

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