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Computer Karaoke Player, PC Karaoke Player.

computer karaoke player
Computer Karaoke Player is a super karaoke player combines a disc player, a disc changer and a karaoke player all in one. It includes everything you need to karaoke at home.  If you would like to enjoy the professional quality of karaoke atmosphere with your family or friends, or if you are a karaoke jockey planning to hold private parties, our computer karaoke player is the best choice for you. The computer karaoke player is about the size of regular Hi-Fi Stereo, it can be set anywhere you want, such as bedroom or living room, while it's easily be moved to anywhere whenever you need, all you do is to connect the video to your TV and audio to your sound system, then you are ready to enjoy professional quality karaoke anywhere you go. All songs are store on local hard drives so you do not need to carry thousands of discs or huge disc rack with you. The computer karaoke system will sure impress all of your friends where you will enjoy the fun of singing karaoke without spending time looking for your favorite discs. All functions can be easily accessed by using the remote controller. With the on screen song search capability, songbook is optional!

 Introduction of Computer Karaoke Player

Main Features
  • Support VCD, DVD, CDG, MP3G, MIDI karaoke
  • Support latest MP4, DivX, Xvid, MKV karaoke!
  • 320GB to 6000GB build-in song storage (can store 150K MP4/24K DVD/600K CDG songs)
  • DVD rom
  • Add more songs via DVD rom/USB/SATA/Network port
  • Support external storage (external hard driver, network storage server)
  • 4 of USB2.0 port for external USB hard driver
  • 1000Mbps ethernet port for songs downloading or network storage
  • Support single or dual screen mode
  • Support HDMI video output, HDTV ready!
  • Support DVI, VGA video output
  • Support S-Video, RCA video output (optional)
  • 5.1 channels / stereo audio output
  • 2 microphones input adapter with build-in echo & delay function
  • Select songs by index, title, artist, language, category, chars & etc¡­
  • Manage songs & print songbook
  • Voice cancel and fanfare
  • Infrared Remote Control
  • Support barcode scanner, touch screen to select songs
  • All system and software are pre-installed and full tested.
  • Full restore disc for you to recover your system in 10 minutes.
  • Operation interface is available in English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese now
  • Translate interface to any language by yourself
  • Support PS/2 Keyboard & mouse
  • 110/220 voltage compatible (suitable for both US and Europe standard)
  • Case color: black
  • Weight: 14kg/31lb
  • Dimension (W x H x D): 430 x 130 x 440mm/16.9 x 5.1 x 17.3in

  • computer karaoke player
    Computer Karaoke Player
    computer karaoke player
    The back of computer karaoke player

    You can select songs in many ways, such as remote control, Smart Keypad, songbook, control panel, touch screen.
    touch screen
    Computer Karaoke Player can be connected to the video equipment ( Projection, Wide LCD HDTV) for singing and the Computer monitor for selecting songs. So in this way, the song's singing and selecting can be processed simultaneously without interaction.
  • So smooth and cool

  • With its sleek, silver and futuristic appearance, the Pundit simply exudes style and class. The all-new desktop bare bone system also offers a black front panel, taking users away from this world of generic beige desktops.
  • Save your desk space

  • Coming in a compact 91mm(w) x 357mm(d) x 275mm(h) casing, the Pundit is an ideal solution to save your precious desk space.
    Packing List:
  • Remote controller
  • HDMI cable
  • DVI cable
  • AV cable
  • Power cable
  • Setup disc
  • User Guide

  • Operating interface:

    main screen
    title menu
    language menu
    category menu

     Computer Karaoke Player

    Purchase computer karaoke player

    Sale price:$899USD Discount Price:$799USD

  • If you have your own own hard dirve songs collection and would like to use it with the Computer Karaoke Player. You could refer to the user guide of the computer karaoke player to build songlist for your own hard drive songs collection for using with our computer karaoke player. It's very easy to make the songlist.
  • If you could also purchase our songs collection with it at discount price. In this case,you could start singing directly once you get the computer karaoke player.You could purchase several songs collections and we'll store all of them into to machine. Please check available songs collection below.
  • Purchase our karaoke songs collection with computer karaoke player at discount price

    We have 11 languages of karaoke songs collection, 130,000 songs for your choice. You could get them with computer karaoke player at discount price ! Computer Karaoke Player is a super karaoke player. It could hold all of our songs collection in it. You could free select our songs collections no limited.

  • Collection No.1:English CDG songs (MP3+G)--12,361songs--65G--sample songs--songlist
  • Sale price:$199USD Discount Price:$99USD
  • Collection No.2:English VCD songs (Mpeg4)--6,291songs--122G--sample songs--songlist
  • Sale price:$349USD Discount Price:$249USD
  • Collection No.3:English DVD songs (Mpeg2)--2,650 songs--310G--sample songs--songlist
  • Sale price:$199USD Discount Price:$99USD
  • Collection No.4:Chinese VCD songs (Mpeg4)--6,291 songs--787G--sample songs--songlist
  • Sale price:$999USD Discount Price:$899USD
  • Collection No.5:Chinese DVD songs (Mpeg2)--22,252 songs--2,687G--sample songs--songlist
  • Sale price:$2499USD Discount Price:$1999USD
  • Collection No.6:Cantonese VCD songs (Mpeg4)--6,636 songs--137G--sample songs--songlist
  • Sale price:$599USD Discount Price:$499USD
  • Collection No.7:Cantonese DVD songs (Mpeg2)--7,155 songs--900G--sample songs--songlist
  • Sale price:$799USD Discount Price:$699USD
  • Collection No.8:Taiwanese Hokkien VCD songs (Mpeg4)--6,291 songs--122G--sample songs--songlist
  • Sale price:$499USD Discount Price:$399USD

  • Collection No.9:Taiwanese Hokkien DVD songs (Mpeg2)--5,263 songs--638G--sample songs--songlist
  • Sale price:$649USD Discount Price:$549USD
  • Collection No.10:Japanese VCD songs (Mpeg4)--6,440 songs--140G--sample songs--songlist
  • Sale price:$499USD Discount Price:$399USD
  • Collection No.11:Japanese DVD songs (Mpeg2)--9,176 songs--656G--sample songs--songlist
  • Sale price:$899USD Discount Price:$799USD
  • Collection No.12:Korean VCD & DVD songs (Mpeg4 & Mpeg2)--11,530 songs--800G--sample songs--songlist
  • Sale price:$699USD Discount Price:$599USD
  • Collection No.13:Korean CDG songs (Mp3+G)--5,346 songs--25G--sample songs--songlist
  • Sale price:$99USD Discount Price:$99USD
  • Collection No.14:Thai VCD songs (Mpeg4)--2,383 songs--46G--sample songs--songlist
  • Sale price:$199USD Discount Price:$99USD
  • Collection No.15:Filipino VCD songs (Mpeg4)--2,170 songs--46G--sample songs--songlist
  • Sale price:$199USD Discount Price:$99USD
  • Collection No.16:Vietnamese VCD songs (Mpeg4)--2,011 songs--50G--sample songs--songlist
  • Sale price:$199USD Discount Price:$99USD
  • Collection No.17:Spanish CDG songs (Mp3+G)--4,500 songs--21G--sample songs--songlist
  • Sale price:$199USD Discount Price:$99USD

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