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Korean CDG

CDG stands for Compact Disc plus Graphics. A Korean CDG Karaoke disc is the same size as a regular CD, but contains an additional recording layer, which displays the karaoke songs lyrics on a TV when played on a Karaoke player equipped for Korean CDG technology. Regular household CD players or PC's can at least play the audio tracks of Korean CDG discs, but to reproduce the words on a TV screen requires a special player.

CDG Discs - On-screen lyrics are only available when played on a Korean CDG compatible player, check your player for compatibility. Our new generation of Korean CDG karaoke software will allow you to create your own Korean CDG karaoke songs. You may create CD+G karaoke song from scratch, using any karaoke MP3 or WAV song as a soundtrack and a text file as karaoke lyrics, or you may import MIDI karaoke and convert it to Korean CDG song. Burn CD+G karaoke discs on your computer. Save Korean CDG karaoke tracks to a hard disc. Copy Korean CDG karaoke discs. Power CD+G Burner is an all-in-one karaoke pc software for CD+G disc burning. It writes and reads CD+G. To burn CD+G songs to DVD discs use Karaoke DVD Burner Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder. Play Korean CDG karaoke MP3 discs, BIN and CDG karaoke files, and MP3+G and MIDI karaoke files.

Power Korean CDG Player Pro is a simple Korean CDG karaoke player software with key change feature. To add Korean CDG file support to your Windows multimedia system and play karaoke with Windows Media Player use Power CD+G Filter.

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