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Cantonese DVD

As students of Cantonese, the features of Cantonese DVD interest us most are: Cantonese DVD have multiple soundtracks because more information can fit on a single Cantonese DVD disc. The Cantonese DVD is now normal to be able to choose which language to play. This means Cantonese DVD discs are more likely to have a full Cantonese soundtrack. Cantonese DVD have multiple subtitles - again, many Cantonese DVD discs now contain an option for Chinese subtitling.

These two features of Cantonese DVD mean it is possible to watch a film in Cantonese with English subtitles and see how many phrases you understand. Here are a few tips on using Cantonese DVD's to help you learn. Try and watch a Cantonese film you have an interest in. You can watch and listen to Cantonese films on your computer if you have a DVD drive and some suitable software. You can also learn Cantonese with Cantonese DVD. Cantonese DVD can be seen as a continuation course of Beginning Cantonese. Although topics in some Cantonese DVD and dialogues are entirely different from those of Beginning Cantonese, the courseware has the same types of exercises as the Cantonese DVD predecessor package. In addition, both Cantonese packages use Cantonese Yale Romanization as their primary writing form and Cantonese characters as its secondary writing form for dialogues.

You can also visit some sites about Cantonese DVD. There are Various Cantonese DVD serials For sale. Each Cantonese DVD set have 20 segments. And it is possible for you to download favorite Cantonese movie from internet.

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